What Are "Electrical Commodities"?

What Are "Electrical Commodities"?

From "Adapters" to "Wire Holders", AVET LLC features almost 2,000 products we categorize under "Electrical Commodities".  And though the market for such products is most often electrical contractors who know and understand the arcane nomenclature, we'd like to briefly explain the term and our affiliation with the manufacturer.

Electrical commodities are products used in building, renovating and generally electrifying any and all land sites and structures both permanent and movable.  You will find such products in virtually everything requiring an electrical connection to a power supplier in any way.  For example, from the street to a building, products like connectors, adapters and sundry other electrical materials will be used.  Pictured here is a "Service Cable Cap" (also referred to as a "Service Entrance Cap").  You've probably seen them, but never paid much attention.  Yet, an item like this is essential to bringing electricity safely to your home or building.  It allows electrical cables to be linked to your home or building in such a fashion that they are protected from the elements.  Such a simple item is ingenious in its design and capabilities.  Imagine how unreliable not to mention unsafe service to a structure would be if electrical cables were left open to the elements.  Not good on any level.

AVET features the PECO brand of electrical commodities and we do so proudly.  The remarkable quality of PECO products is unrivaled in the industry not to mention the fact they are MADE IN THE USA and are competitively priced.  That means our customers can not only buy through a SDVOB, but extend the process by buying American and still getting a great deal.

Browse through our extensive line of PECO products.  Call us at 518-831-5853 to discuss volume pricing on any of our product line.  AVET is here to help first, last and always.

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