STRING LIGHTING REVOLUTION or "How I Cut My Job Costs And Lived To Talk About It"

STRING LIGHTING REVOLUTION or "How I Cut My Job Costs And Lived To Talk About It"

For decades electrical contractors were forced to buy string lights for temporary lighting necessities on construction sites.  Cheap enough at the outset, but if you're a contractor consciously pinching a profit out of every job you have to bid, the cost of repeatedly buying temporary string lights can add up...very quickly.

Case in point, a client of ours added it all up and determined the cost of buying the housings, adding lightbulbs, having his people install the lights (as opposed to doing the electrical work they are actually trained and employed to do), then at the end of the job removing and storing them...well, it just wasn't worth it.  What does he end up doing wherever feasible?  He leaves them above the suspended ceilings.

That's all changed now with the introduction of our Light Efficient Design Modular String/Area/Work Light.

It's not only brighter because it's LED, but it last longer and is modular in design meaning you can plug one into another, and with a 35' power cord (included) you can use far fewer lights and get the same or better lighting for your workforce.  Plus, they can be placed almost anywhere, strung, on the floor, anywhere there is a solid surface.

Our new string lights come in 20, 60 and 100 watts and 2000, 7200 and 12,000 lumens respectively.  The 20 watt version (which comes in an array of 5 to a string) replaces up to 100 watt HID.  The 60 watt and 100 watt replace 250 watt and 400 watt HIDs.

The prices?  Check 'em out here.


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